Passbook Savings

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It's time to start building toward something big.

Set aside money you need for the life that you want.

What might you need money for in the future? To buy something nice for your home. To go visit far-off family members. To pay for car repairs or unexpected bills. One great way to save for fun times or a rainy day is with a Berkshire Bank Passbook Savings Account.

  • Regular interest payments grow your savings
  • All transactions are recorded in a passbook for easy record-keeping
  • No monthly service charge when you maintain the $250 minimum balance (A $5 monthly maintenance fee applies if your balance falls below minimum any day of the monthly calendar period)
  • Deposits and withdrawals can be made in any amount
  • Access account information with Telephone Banking 24/7
  • Passbook Saving accounts not available at every Berkshire branch

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