Our Cash Management solutions can help simplify your operations

  • Streamline your logistics
  • Handle less paperwork
  • Move funds quickly and efficiently
  • Keep closer tabs on finances
  • Reduce staff trips to the bank
Business Solutions
Our sophisticated online banking platform that allows you to stay up to date with 24 hour access to your accounts.
Create reports, Initiate payments & collections, fight fraud and more.
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ACH Origination
Save staff time by handling fewer paper checks. ACH is an efficient way to send and receive money electronically.
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Positive Pay
Don't lose money to fraud. We'll take extra steps to protect you from forged checks and bogus electronic transactions.
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Wire Module
Initiate FedWire transfers efficiently and securely through our Business Solutions Online Banking. Allows for same-day funds transfer using dual control for an additional safeguarding of funds.
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Lock Box Services
Save staff time and courier costs. Let Berkshire Bank pick up your incoming checks from the post office and deposit them in your accounts.
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Purchase Card
Utilize one card for all of your business purchases and minimize the overall cost to make those purchases. Allows for individual, departmental and company credit limits, as well as desired purchase restrictions based on specific merchant categories.
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Electronic Data Interchange
Get vital information concerning incoming payments. Receive detailed remittance information on incoming electronic payments.
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Remote Deposit
Cut down on staff trips to the bank. Scan incoming checks into a computer right in your office and send them directly to your accounts.
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