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Going green has become second nature to us.

We take pride in our environmentally friendly policies.

When it comes to paper and power use, we're cutting back. When it comes to providing volunteer resources to environmental causes, we're stepping forward. At Berkshire Bank, we have a tradition of social responsibility, and our sustainability initiatives are one way we're working to be a good corporate citizen. We strongly believe our green policies pay dividends for our business and, more importantly, our communities.

Stakeholder Engagement

  • We are committed to engaging our employees in volunteer service that impacts the environment. Some 16% of our corporate volunteer activities benefit the environment.
  • We develop electronic banking tools and other products that promote green banking options.
  • We engage our staff, customers and public in practices that encourage recycling. 32% of the products used in our offices come from recycled sources.
  • Some 37 initiatives have been completed through sustainability program since April 2015

Energy Consumption

  • We are committed to reducing our energy consumption so that we can preserve our resources for generations to come.
  • We urge our staff to turn off lights when not in use
  • We've implemented guidelines regarding temperature and thermostat settings
  • We've invested in more energy-efficient products

Paper Consumption

  • We are committed to reducing our paper consumption to lower our environmental impact.
  • We're eliminating disposable paper products from offices. That's resulted in an 18% reduction in paper usage
  • We've standardized double-sided printing
  • We encourage our customers to sign-up for e-Statements instead of receiving paper statements. The result is a 64% increase in e-Statement use.
  • We recycle 228,000 pounds of paper annually.
  • 75% of our paper comes from sustainably managed forests.

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