Look forward to a retirement with a lower tax burden

You probably won't work forever. Be ready for what's next.

It's a great idea to save for retirement as early as possible. so you can build up a big nest egg. But what's the best way to do it? A Berkshire Bank Roth IRA is a popular choice because, when it comes time to stop working, your money can be withdrawn tax-free. Roth accounts also offer the opportunity to withdraw money without penalty to buy a home, pay education costs or cope with a disability.

  • Invest up to $6,000 per year (over age 50 an catch up of $1,000.00 is permitted)
  • Choose from CDs, Retirement Savings and other investment options
  • Investment interest grows tax-free and is withdrawn tax-free
  • No annual income tax deductions
  • No commissions or fees* to open
  • No annual fees*
  • Accounts are FDIC insured*
  • Access to account information with Telephone Banking*
* Applies to funds in Berkshire Bank accounts

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