Pixcard - Customized Debit Card

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Let your debit card help tell the world who you are.

Pick your own picture. The creative possibilities are endless.

You already know that your Berkshire Bank debit card can help you make purchases at millions of places and access countless ATMs. But did you know that you can personalize your card with a favorite photo or an exclusive image from one of our galleries? Feature your family, friends or pets. Even upload a small photo of yourself to enhance your card’s security.
  • Low fee of $9.95
  • Choose your card type in the links below, then follow these simple steps:
  1. Select your desired card background
  2. Customize your card design; 3)
  3. Enter you order information
  4. Submit your custom design
  • Your customized debit card will be mailed to your current card address on file with Berkshire Bank

Click here if your card begins with 550860, Consumer Debit Card


Click here if your card begins with 558142, Business Debit Card


Click here if your card begins with 517901, Private Banking Debit Card


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