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Application Guidelines:
All applications must be made online. Berkshire Bank will accept only online applications. Organizations may apply for sponsorships and submit the required information.
Funding decisions are based on available resources and the degree to which proposals meet Berkshire Bank’s sponsorship priorities and funding criteria. Completed online applications are reviewed on a monthly basis. You will be notified via email of request approval or denial.

In addition to Community Sponsorships, Berkshire Bank offers Corporate Sponsorships which are significant financial investments of greater than $100,000 in properties, events and causes that are designed to increase our brand awareness and improve the goodwill of our company as part of our overarching marketing and public relations strategy at a corate level. By sponsoring professional sports teams, arts and entertainment venues, community events, and more, we are supporting the goals of our customers and employees. Berkshire Bank does not accept proposals for Corporate Sponsorships and prefers to take a more proactive role in identifying the events, causes, and properties that best align with our brand and strategy. If you are interested in discussing your Corporate Sponsorship opportunity with us please contact

To be considered for funding organizations must:

  • Be located in or primarily provide service in Berkshire Bank's service areas.
  • Submit a completed online application and provide such other documentation as may be requested.
  • Response date deadline must be 60 or more days from your sponsorship deadline, in order to ensure that we can maximize all marketing benefits.

Berkshire Bank gives greater consideration to organizations that:

  • Offer assistance and/or collaborate with existing community resources
  • Evaluate on measures that ensure mutually beneficial and equitable results
  • Services/event occurs within and benefits communities located in the Berkshire Bank footprint company-wide. This includes Connecticut, Capital District and Central New York, Vermont, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and  Massachusetts.
Examples of recently sponsored programs and/or organizations include:
  • Regional events with proceeds being donated to charitable research nonprofits
  • Financial literacy programs
  • Mentoring programs for at-risk students and youth
  • Cultural enrichment programs in schools and museums
  • Early childhood development educational programs, library programs, professional skills programs.
Berkshire Bank will consider no more than one application per year from any single organization.

Any organization that has received either a charitable grant OR bank sponsorship within the current calendar year is not eligible for another contribution until the following calendar year.

Berkshire Bank does not generally support the following:

  • Organizations outside of our defined market area
  • Fraternal, labor and political organizations, including fraternal orders of police and firefighters
  • Lobbying groups
  • Religious organizations
  • Private foundations
  • Intermediary organizations that raise and distribute funds in their own name
  • Annual memberships and annual appeals
  • Pass through donations
  • Endowments/Capital campaigns
  • Underwriting support for conferences or seminars or travel expenses
  • Camperships
  • Scholarship Programs
  • National health related organizations
  • Advertising, fundraising or incentive programs
  • Individuals
  • Third party solicitations
  • Organizations with limited availability to general public
  • Adult clubs, teams and/or associations

Berkshire Bank’s sponsorship application process can be completed entirely online at, within the Berkshire Bank Community Sponsorships section. The online request form includes basic organizational and contact information.

Click here for the Sponsorship Application

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